Nail salon Woodbridge, Nail salon 22192, Risana Day Spa


Hair Services

Haircuts include shampoo & style
Women's $50 and up
Men's $30 and up
Kid Under 14 $20 and up
Fringe Trim $10 and up
Conditioning Treatment $20 and up
Silk Treatment $30 and up
Scalp Massage With Treatment $35 and up
Shampoo & Style $35 and up
With Flat Iron $45 and up
FLATIRON ONLY $25 and up
Formal Occasions/ updos $60 and up
Relaxer $75 and up
Roller Set $40 and up
Wrap $45 and up

Bridal Services

Let us help you get ready on your special day
Updos Bridal $80 and up
Shampoo & Style $50 and up
Makeup $60 and up
Airbrush Make up $100 and up

Eyelash Extensions

Ardell Lash (2 weeks) $50 & up
Eva Lash $55 & up
Royal Lash $100 & up
Individual $150 & up
Minx $200 & up
Touch up $60 & up

Permanent Makeup

Eyebrow $300
Eyeliner (upper and lower) $300
Lip Liner $300
Full Lip $400

Texturizing Services

Keratin Treatment $350 and up
Permanent Waving $70 and up
With HairCut $115 and up
Yuko Treatment $350 and up
Bake Hair Extension $450 and up
Partial Extension $145 and up
Full Head Extension $235 and up

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $12
Lip $7
Chin $12
Under Chin $12
Chin + Neck $20 & up
Sideburn $12
Whole Face $40
Half Arm $30
Half Leg $40
Underarm $20
Bikini $40 /$45
Full Arm $40 & up
Full Leg $55 & up
Chest $45 & up
Full Back $55
Brazilian $55 & up


Mini - Risana $165

Swedish massage 30 mins, express facial 30 mins, ocean manicure/ pedicure

Risana getaway $215

Swedish massage 60 mins, express facial 30 mins, sensation manicure/ pedicure, eyebrow shaping

Risana Signature Relaxing $265

Swedish massage 60 mins, European facial 60 mins, the Bomb manicure/ pedicure, complimentary eyebrow shaping

Risana Paradise $365

Hot Stone Massage 60 mins, Fluor oxygen facial 70 mins, Cupcake manicure/ pedicure with gel color, eyebrow shaping.

Gentlemen Package $250

Deep Focus 60 mins, Acne Facial 45 mins, Sports manicure/ pedicure

Complimentary food and beverage for Risana package



Swedish massage 60/90 mins $70 /$105

This relaxing light to moderate circulatory style massage focuses on reducing muscular tension & built up stress with moderate pressure

* Long soothing strokes from head to toe

Deep Focus 60/90 $85 /$125

A therapeutic massage that delves deep into the muscles to relieve muscle spasms, overuses & extreme tension. Utilizes pressure point releases & deep penetration.

Hot Stone Massage 60/90 mins $95 /$145

An innovative massage where the heat radiating from the stone penetrates your body to provide you with a deeply relaxing, exceptional experience.

Tension Reliever 30 mins $45 /$50

Perfect for anyone who needs quick therapeutic relief. Focuses on the upper back, neck & shoulders.

Add - on sugar scrub & mask for your back $45


Express Facial 30 mins $50
Acne Facial 60 mins $85

Combination of glycolic acid, salicylic acid retinol & botanical lighteners combined with a deep pore cleaning steam, extractions & a clay masque to draw inquiries out 

European Facial 60 mins $85

Our signature European - style facial includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extraction & anti-oxidants infused into the skin in a hydrating masque, Include face, shoulders, hands massage.

Fluor oxygen Facial 70 mins $105

Rejuvenates, brightens & corrects hyperpigmented skin, includes deep pore cleansing, steam, alpha hydroxyl, exfoliation, extractions, vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid & brightening masque plus face, shoulders, hand & feet massage. 

Microdermabrasion 70 mins (face only) $115
Microdermabrasion 70 mins (with neek) $130


Colour Touch Up $65 and up
All over Colour $70 and up
Designer Colour $80 and up
Partial Highlight $80 and up
Partial Multicolour Highlight $90 and up
Full Highlight $100 and up
Full Multicolour Highlight $115 and up
Balayage $160 and up
Colour Correction $250 and up
Eyes Brown Tinting $25


Custom blended hand and feet treatment appeal the senses while promoting individual wellbeing
Color Change Manicure/ Pedicure $10 /$12
Classic Manicure/ Pedicure $18 /$32
Ocean Manicure/ Pedicure $28 /$45
Sensation Manicure/ Pedicure $32 /$55
Cappuccino Manicure/ Pedicure $32 /$55
Pineapple Manicure/ Pedicure $32 /$55
Green Tea Manicure/ Pedicure $32 /$55
Gel Manicure/ Pedicure $40 /$55
Sports Manicure/ Pedicure $37 /$58
OPI Manicure/ Pedicure $37 /$55
Milky Honey Manicure/ Pedicure $37 /$60
Hot Stones Manicure/ Pedicure $40 /$65


Let yourself indulge with our signature "The BOMB" manicure/ pedicure. A decadent skin-nourishing is a true treat; therapy for the body and mind. The soak-balls are made from a special blend of moisturizing shea butter, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, j
Complementary 5 mins Shoulder Massage $43 /$70

Lavender - Pink Grapefruit

Pear Berry - Rosemary Mint

Moonlight Rose - Cherry Almond

Jasmine - Spring Rain

Blue Hydrangea - Spa Tonic

Strawberry Champagne - Cucumber Mint

Fruit Punch - Violet Bouquet

Spiced Cranberry - Sweet Pea



A completely unique treat that leaves the skin on ANY part of your feet feeling hydrated and silky smooth. Mode with 10096 Sweet Almond Oil and Epsom Soil and along with a few other natural water softening properties sure to completely nourish the skin.
Complementary 10 mins Shoulder Massage $80

Fruit Punch - Moonlight Rose

Cherry Almond - Pink Grapefruit

Cabernet Sauvignon - Chocolate Fudge

Pear Berry - Spiced Cranberry

Rosemary Mint - Blue Hydrangea

Organic Manicure/ Pedicure

Pamper your hands and feet in an all natural and organic way with the world’s most precious certified organic ingredients such as essential oils and herbal extracts are blended with the rare and exotic Argon Oil from Morocco to create a purely organic exp
Complementary 15 mins Shoulder Massage $45 /90

Detox Manicure/ Pedicure

This true spa pedicure treatment combined cooling oceanic rock, peel-off masque, special balm lotion, and massage.
Complementary 15 mins Shoulder Massage $55 / 100


Full Set

Acrylic $35
Powder Gel $50
Liquid Gel $60
Pink & White $60
Ombré $60 up
Silk Wrap $55
LCN Gel $65
Texture Powder Gel $60
Mood Changing Powder $70
Dipping Powder $55
Take Off $13
Cut Down $3
3D Designs/Minx Nails $10 / Finger and up
Coffin/Skeleton/Omen $5 and up
Swarovski Nails $8 - $15/ Finger


Acrylic $25
Powder Gel $40
Liquid Gel $50
Pink & White $55 /$45
Ombré $45 up
Silk Wrap $50
LCN Gel $50
Texture Powder Gel $50
Mood Changing Powder $50